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Congratulations to Amad, our interpreter of the month!

Clearvoice Congratulations to Amad, our interpreter of the month! article Clearvoice Congratulations to Amad, our interpreter of the month! article

Our interpreter of the month this month is Amad! Congratulations, Amad, and thank you for all the incredible work you do for Clear Voice’s clients.

We asked him to share his story of how he became an interpreter…

My journey towards becoming an interpreter started when I was very young. Being born to parents who both had different native languages (my mother speaks Arabic and my father speaks Kurdish), I was taught to be bilingual when growing up. This has definitely helped me develop a skill for picking up new languages relatively quickly.

In 1999, when war broke out in my home country of Iraq, I made my way to the UK to seek refuge.

I couldn’t speak or read any English when I arrived, and I found it very hard to find the support I needed. Eventually, after quite some time of struggling, I was given the opportunity to study English at my local college. Once I started learning, I dedicated so much time and hard work to my studies that I was able to pick it up very quickly and I progressed through each level very fast.

Once I had my basic English, I decided that I really wanted to use my new skills to help others who were in the same situation I had been in when I arrived in the UK as an asylum seeker. So, I got in contact with Refugee Council and started volunteer with them. Not long after I started they told me how impressed they were with my work and asked me whether I would like to be employed by them as an interpreter. From that moment on, I haven’t wanted to do anything else!

It makes me so happy that every day I get to work in a job I absolutely love; I get to help vulnerable people who are in a challenging situation and help give them a voice – a voice that can help them achieve their dreams.

I have now gained many interpreting qualifications and have worked for a lot of different companies, both nationally and internationally.

I have to say, there is no better company than Clear Voice.

Clear Voice is a hassle-free service with an amazingly responsive team who are there for all your needs. The system they use allows me to work at my own convenience and according to my own schedule. I am confident that Clear Voice will become the leading language service in the UK.