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Refugee Week: Suaad’s Poetry

Clearvoice Refugee Week: Suaad’s Poetry article Clearvoice Refugee Week: Suaad’s Poetry article

This week we are marking Refugee Week and exploring the theme of healing by sharing the creative works of our talented interpreters. Suaad is a Somali interpreter who works with Clear Voice. She wrote this poem for Refugee Week and we are honoured to be able to share it with you.

What Does It Mean to Heal?

And what does it mean to heal?
Is healing the passage of time, seeping through our wounded scars?
What does healing mean to someone who has been torn away from their motherland?
What does healing mean to one who is ailing?
What does healing mean to one who’s country is in tatters?
What does healing mean, when one has to traverse through unimaginable terrain?
Just to see the light of day!
What does healing mean, when one embarks on a dangerous journey, through the oceans?
Because they believe that the sea is safer than the land!
What does healing mean to a refugee?
Should we not open our arms to those in need?
Those fleeing from war.
And those fleeing from tyranny!
You see we all bleed the same.
Some of us having to load more burdens.
Then others can even fathom
But it costs nothing to be kind!
To be empathetic and to be wise to the pain of others.
That is apparent in their eyes.
We cannot be blind and averse to the pain of our brethren in humanity!
We ought to be kind.
For healing does not happen overnight!
But, together as mankind, we can heal, regardless of the passage of time.

By Suaad Mohamoud

You can read more Suaad’s poetry on her Instagram.

Tell us a little bit about yourself

My name is Suaad Jama Mohamoud, I am originally from Somalia, but I came to the UK when I was 5 years old. I currently live in the city of Manchester, and I have been an interpreter since late January 2022. I love teaching and hope to become a primary school teacher. Currently, I am just working on growing my small business and improving my poetry page.

What does your poetry mean to you?

I have always loved poetry, right from a young age, I was writing novels and creative pieces. To me, poetry is the expression of oneself using words. I was able to articulate myself better through written language than spoken, hence why I created a poetry page. Within my poetry pieces, I talk about concepts like; pain, love, hope, trauma and healing amongst many other topics, as I want people to resonate with my words. Through my written pieces, I hope that people can remember they really are not alone, and that pain and hardship, is part of the human strife and to remember what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. I hope that my pieces can instil that kind of message in people.

What or who inspires you to be creative?

Like I said concepts like; pain, love, past experiences, our collective struggle as humans really inspires me to be creative. I feel like it would be disservice for me not to write and share it with the world as I know that’s my God-Given talent. I want to really share that beacon of hope with others. With regards to people who inspire me to be creative. I believe my parents and loving family members, have inspired be to be creative and to write, their unrelenting love and sacrifice over the years has helped mould me into the person I am now and for that, I am forever grateful.