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A work placement at Clear Voice is a fantastic opportunity

Clearvoice A work placement at Clear Voice is a fantastic opportunity article Clearvoice A work placement at Clear Voice is a fantastic opportunity article

This year Clear Voice opened one work placement position for Birkbeck, University of London students, who could apply for the role as an optional module for their course.

This one-of-a-kind learning opportunity is a popular choice with Birkbeck students who are seeking to gain a more hands-on work experience in the charity sector. But as Timea, a Birkbeck student who is currently participating in our placement describes in the following account of her experience with us, her time at Clear Voice is more than just a work placement…

My name is Timea and I am in the second year of my BA Film and Media at Birkbeck, University of London. I am currently halfway through my 10-week work placement at Clear Voice, but I can already see the many ways in which working with this organisation has changed me. Even on my very first day I could feel the way it set me out on a journey to grow, not just in professional terms, but as a person, too.

Why did I choose Clear Voice?

My university offered us a long list of placement opportunities we could take part in as part of our course, from various sectors, including the charity sector. I think it is an unparalleled opportunity for any student who wants to gain valuable practical experience, which would otherwise not be possible with theoretical knowledge only. It was important for me to go with the charity sector because I knew that I wanted to do something that works toward making a positive impact and has the purpose of helping people. I did my research on all the organisations available, and Clear Voice was the one that stood out most. As an international student from Hungary, I support the amazing work Clear Voice does to help people coming from abroad, and I also have a passion for languages which was one of the reasons why I decided to study in a foreign country.

A broad range of experience

One of my favourite aspects of this placement is that I get to do lots of different things. I can work on marketing projects, research projects, or gain experience in more administrative tasks. This makes it more exciting, because each day is different, and it never gets monotonous. I am constantly allocated various tasks, but I am encouraged to pick whichever I want to learn about most. I am also able to acquire a wide-ranging knowledge, and it helps me to find what it is that I am most interested in.

A personal journey

From the very beginning I was surprised to see how much everyone cared. I was introduced to lots of people from various departments, from the operational team, and some of the interpreters as well. Being part of a team where everyone is so passionate about what they do, as well as the constant support is very encouraging. I can see the big differences this placement has made on my personality. As the work involves lots of meetings, emails and phone calls, I have been able to work on my communication skills and I have gained a lot more confidence as well. As an introvert, I can see that being forced to leave and expand my comfort zone is key to growing. I knew that I would learn new things career-wise, but I didn’t expect that working with Clear Voice would make such an impact on my personal development, but now I know that this placement is a journey that is much more than just about gaining work experience.